Our Area

We are located on the doorstep of the centre of Dublin City. The building, one of four Dublin fire stations built in the early 1900s, forms part of the local community of the north-east inner city.

Buckingham Street was once part of Georgian Dublin’s most-fashionable district. The passing of that era, the proximity of the docks and the development northwards saw workers and their families put down the roots of a community that still exists today.

For the past thirty years, drugs and their devastating effects have been a fact of life for people living here. The project 'Home', Leo Higgins' sculpture project-managed by and partly made in the Fire Station is a permanent testament to a community surviving and fighting back. It is also a reminder of the ongoing relationships we have within our locality.

We look to our neighbours, the Irish Financial Services Centre and Dublin Docklands both of which have brought new life and regeneration into the north inner city. The reclaimed buildings, reshaped spaces and the more recent empty urban office blocks and apartments, are symbols of the ambiguous nature of Ireland’s recent economic prosperity and subsequent downturn. These spaces, with their constituent communities and the new immigrant populations who have settled in the area, all contribute to how we think about our neighbourhood.