Our History

In 1991 a long-term lease was secured from Dublin City Council on the old fire station building on Buckingham Street to create space for visual artists to live and work.

The Arts Council secured a long-term lease on the Fire Station building in 1991 from Dublin City Council to create space for visual artists to work and live. After some negotiations, the Arts Council and NCCCAP (The North Centre City Community Action Project) cooperated in the Fire Station building so that it would house residential studios for visual artists as well as the headquarters of the NCCCAP. The NCCCAP is a community organisation that gives training to young people from the locality.  In 1993, Fire Station Artists' Studios became legally independent from the Arts Council while retaining its core function of providing living and working spaces for artists.

For more detail on our history please read Chairperson’s statement in the Strategic Plan 2005-2007.