Caroline Doolin

2015 - 2017

Caroline Doolin’s practice incorporates video, writing and sculpture to generate narratives of a fictional or questionable nature. Her work explores how geographical space is translated into understandable forms within the context of contemporary, academic and industry exploration. She seeks to identify and introduce potential slippages between the inherent nature of such spaces, and their mediation via physical, technological and linguistic interface. These concerns are often played off a material manipulation, through the use of fictional texts or scripts, reflective surfaces, and more recently, 3d video models. Doolin’s research frequently involves the use of a journey or excursion to meet with selected scientists, researchers and inhabitants. The point of departure for such interactions is typically a shared interest in a particular location. Subsequently this research material is manipulated and adapted in order to highlight or introduce contradictions and commonalities between the interpretations of scientist, artist, inhabitant, etc.

Image credits: 

Image 1 What's to become of us?, 2013 Rough-sawn timber, black mirrored glass, concrete blocks, HD digital video projection, audio Dimensions variable

Image 2 Of oil and origin, 2015 HD digital video projection, voiceover and audio, 19’ 05”