Curator Talk: Meghana Karnik

Curator Talk: Meghana Karnik

FSAS is delighted to introduce Meghana Karnik. Karnik's Curator Talk will be taking place on Tuesday 18 February, 5.30pm.

Meghana Karnik organises culturally responsive and artist-centred projects across modalities as a curator, arts administrator, and artist. She is Associate Curator of FRONT International (Cleveland, OH), a triennial exhibition of contemporary art, rooted in the Great Lakes region. Prior, she was Associate Director of EFA Project Space (New York, NY), where she produced thematic, multiform exhibitions and SHIFT: A Residency for Arts Workers. She is currently researching conditions of precarity faced by artists and arts workers, and is interested in discourses that connect art with social change.

Karnik is visiting FSAS as part of our 2020 International Curator in Residence programme, supported by Arts Council Ireland.

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