International Curator Residency

Announcing 2021 International Curator Residencies 

We are delighted to announce that, in 2021, our International Curators residencies have been awarded to:

Àngels Miralda (US/ESP), Anneka French (UK), Terhi Tuomi (FI), Lea Vene (HR).

Stanisław Welbel (PL) is our incipient FSAS International Curator Return Visit Award, returning after his 2015 visit.


In 2020 we awarded residencies to:

 Meghana Karnik (US), Marten Esko (EST). Because of the COVID-19 emergencies, the other awarded residencies had to be postponed until 2021.

In 2019 we awarded residencies to:

Vanina Saracino (ITL/DE), Hana Ostan Ozbolt (SI), Canan Batur (UK/TR), Lucy A Sames (UK), Amy Powell (USA), Alfredo Aracil (ES), Sabine Schmid (DE), Patrice Sharkey (AU)

In 2018 we awarded residencies to:

Marek WolynskiAllison Peters QuinnHerb ShellenbergAnneka FrenchJade FrenchAna Garcia AlarconKris DittelKirsty WhiteBehzad NejadghanbarDenis Maksimov, Lauren Leving, Carolina Lio, Emma Braso

In 2017 we awarded residencies to:

Anna Bitkina / Maria Veits, TOK CollectiveAlessandra Cianetti,

Jussi KoitelaBenjamin FallonGatien DuBoisGina BuenfeldPamela GrombacherRana OzturkRosie HermonGeorgia Muenster and  Allison Peters Quinn


Our International Curator Residency Programme:

Fire Station Artists’ Studios (FSAS), Dublin, Ireland invites international curators to apply for flexible residencies throughout 2020. The FSAS International Curator Residency provides contemporary international curators with a space to live, work and network in Dublin. Residencies are available for between one week and one month.

Through these residencies, Fire Station aims to build links and foster collaborations between Irish artists, curators, art institutions and their artistic peers internationally. This residency programme provides opportunities for international curators to familiarise themselves with the Irish visual art scene, undertake research, make connections and potentially bring Irish artists international exhibition opportunities.

Fire Station’s established reputation spanning 25 years of work helps with key personnel contacts in both public and private art institutions, as well as with independent curators and artists.

Another advantage for an international curator visiting Dublin is easy access to a dynamic and growing visual art scene within a compact city that is manageable on foot. Our Dublin city centre location is within walking distance of all major galleries both public and private and artists’ studios which are located close to Dublin city centre. In addition, FSAS is located close to national rail and bus transport lines with easy access to the cities of Cork, Galway, Limerick and Belfast which all have distinct and vibrant art scenes.

Respective curators deliver a public talk, take part in FSAS community events, receive a €200 stipend and write a follow-up evaluation documenting their residency.

Application procedure

Your application should specify:

  • Your professional background and experience (300-400 words maximum)
  • Your motivation and work plan for this residency (600 words maximum)
  • Your preferred timeframe in 2020. Residencies can be between one and four weeks.
  • A current CV
  • Supporting documentation: (One or two recent projects maximum - please limit data volume)

Email materials in a single PDF preferably or via online transfer to:

What does the Fire Station Artists’ Studio residency offer visiting international curators?

  • A combined live and work studio that is located in Dublin’s historic north inner city centre.
  • Successful curators receive a stipend of €200 to support their stay here
  • Access to our facilities including the digital media resource centre, equipment, meeting room, reading area. For a full list of facilities
  • We prefer for visiting curators to create their own time-table of studio visits with our resident artists and other cultural practitioners to suit their own patterns. This can be done in advance, particularly if the visiting curator opts for a shorter stay. We are also available to offer structured support in the form of introductions to artists, art institutions, curators, galleries in Dublin city and nationwide on a case by case basis as needed.

What does the visiting international curator need to do during their stay here?

  • We invite international curators to do a short public talk here in our Project Space. Curators can opt to do this at the beginning of their stay, as it is a helpful way of meeting residents, invite practitioners from Dublin and beyond to come and hear about their practice. Alternatively it can be a good way to round up a stay here.
  • We request that the visiting curator take part in a number of studio visits with Fire Station artists and attend any community events (talks, potluck lunches) that coincide with their stay.
  • At the end of the residency, we request each curator to write a brief report for our own evaluation purposes so that we can continue to refine our awarded residency programme.
  • Informally we ask visiting curators to bring along any previous publications or exhibition ephemera that relates to their recent work and / also recommend some active reading material that is of current interest to them so we can build our library.

Enquiries to projects[at]