Ángel Calvo Ulloa

Ángel Calvo Ulloa

Ángel Calvo Ulloa (Lalín, 1984) lives and works between Madrid and Santiago de Compostela. He is an independent curator and writer and is editor-in-chief of Dardo Magazine. He writes for art magazines such as A*desk Critical Thinking and Dardonews.

He has curated exhibitions as the site-specific interventions in public spaces Un disparo de advertencia, Lalín (2011); the solo show Natureza! Estás soa? for Álvaro Negro at Palexco, A Coruña (2012); Welcome to my loft at CTB, Ferrol (2013); Wily: Forza Ingobernable at FAC, Santiago de Compostela (2013); Diálogos Improbables, Lalín (2012-2014) Shhh! Del silencio un lenguaje at Nuble gallery, Santander (2013); Crise de Identidade at Granell Fundation, Santiago de Compostela (2014); En el coche de San Fernando at Salón, Madrid (2014); Sobre el muro at L21 gallery, Madrid (2014); Ende der party at Tokonoma Apartment, Kassel (2014); C O M E R C U L E B R A at 1er Escalón (Murcia); Fugir para lado algum within the programme Expediçao at Maus Hábitos (Oporto), Del rombo al hexágono hay dos líneas, curated with Tania Pardo for Rosa Santos Gallery (Valencia) and Tener que sentir, curated with Alfredo Aracil for Centro Cultural Antiguo Instituto Jovellanos (Gijón).

In 2014 he received an award from La Casa Encendida under the Inéditos call for curators. There, he curated the exhibition Aprender a caer. Recently he has been awarded under the Can Felipa call for curators in Barcelona for the project Fins i tot un paisatge tranquil...

He has participated in virtual projects as They've left us alone for The Naked, The Hage (2014); ALTERNATIVA for XTRart (2014) or Numismática con río Miño al fondo with Fermín Jiménez Landa for Curatorial Clube (2014). Ángel Calvo Ulloa is a member of the OsTres curators group with which organizes theEspazo Miramemira exhibition programme at Santiago de Compostela and currently developes INTERTEXTUAL, a site specific programme at MARCO (Vigo).

Ángel was resident at Fire Station Artists' Studios in October 2015.

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Aprender a caer,
Project awarded by the call for curators INÉDITOS 2014 at La Casa Encendida (Madrid). 
Exhibition dates: May 30 to September 7 2014