Kris Dittel

Kris Dittel
Kris Dittel is an independent curator and editor living and working in the Netherlands. She is associate curator at the Onomatopee project space and publishing house in Eindhoven and member of the research duo The Translation Trip. 
Her work is informed by an interest in forms of communication, the relation between language, art and economics. She is the editor of several publications, exploring the format of the book as an artistic medium. 
Currently she is working on a long-term project The Trouble with Value, involving two exhibitions and a publication, as well as a research on the value of artistic labour. 
The Economy is Spinning. Talk by Kris Dittel at Salonul de Proiecte, September 2017.
Photo Matei David/ ARC Bucharest
Kris will be resident at Fire Station from 30th April to 10th May 2018.