Sue McCauley

Sue McCauley

Dr Sue McCauley is an artistic director, curator and creative producer. Her career spans visual, media and performance arts, artistic direction of festivals and events, and the development of community-based arts projects. In 2014 her work in the arts was recognised by the Australia Council for the Arts with an Artistic Leadership Award.

She has worked extensively for European Capital of Culture bids. Currently she is the Artistic Director of Spring Fever, which will be a key event of the Leeuwarden 2018 European Capital of Culture. This is a year long arts/science program of events about the need to protect biodiversity is focused on issues around colony collapse in bees and habitat destruction of migratory birds. It will include visual arts exhibitions, European projects in dance and music, science/art collaborations involving bee research institutes and artists, travelling festivals, large scale installations, mapped projections, and a television documentary.

In September 2012 she was the Artistic Program Advisor for the successful Leeuwarden bid (Netherlands) to become European Capital of Culture in 2018. In this role she mentored the development of the Artistic Program for the Leeuwarden bid, developed project concepts with local producers and artists, assisted with the" direction finding" process for the bid including the themes of the program, and worked as a key advisor in the management of the bid.

In 2012 she was the Artistic Director of the Sonderborg bid to be European Capital of Culture for Denmark in 2017. She curated and commissioned more than 100 events, exhibitions and performances. The program was well regarded by the city and the region. In 2009 Sue McCauley was awarded a PhD in the School of Creative Media at RMIT University, Melbourne. Her research focused on an examination of new team structures found in creative collaboration, specifically the role of creative producers.


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The Housing Project 

The Housing Project is a playful and engaging interactive installation about urban life. In this work, people can generate urban audio stories by laying out a city using miniature ceramic houses, trees, tall buildings and factories on an interactive platform. These objects have been created by award winning sculptor Ann Ferguson. As the ceramic objects are placed onto a custom interactive platform, they trigger stored sounds and voices to create a surround city-scape that evolves as the pieces are moved round, and on or off the platform.