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Fire Station Artists’ Studios and Facebook Art Department New Technology Award

Photo Credit: Silke Briel, performance cast at BPA at Gropius Studios. Doireann O’Malley 2021

Thursday, January 14

Fire Station Artists’ Studios and Facebook Art Department New Technology Award

In a new and ambitious partnership, Facebook and Fire Station Artists’ Studios (FSAS) are delighted to announce Doireann O’Malley as the inaugural recipient of the New Technology Award. Through the award, Facebook and FSAS will provide Doireann, who is based in Berlin, with technical resources and expertise to imagine new fields of artistic production including Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and 3D digital fabrication.

Doireann’s work challenges the narrow gender binaries and rigid role models that have been inherited from a Western-centric legacy. Doireann will use the residency to develop the integration of  VR into a live work on stage, creating environments that will connect each performer to a virtual reality that is meaningful to their character. 

Speaking about the award, Josephine Kelliher, who leads the Facebook’s Open Arts team for the Europe, Middle East and Africa and Asia Pacific regions, said; “As a company dedicated to bringing people closer together, Facebook recognises that creativity is essential to our collective wellbeing. Within our walls and around the globe, our Arts Department cultivates creative engagements that offer new ways of thinking about ourselves, our communities, and the world at large. We’re excited to see how Irish artists will use technology to advance their practices and create inventive new works.”

For FSAS, director Helen Carey says “FSAS is as ever committed to enabling artists to work in all media at the most advanced level. So we are very pleased that this award continues that commitment.”

Doireann O’Malley holds an MFA from University of Ulster in Belfast. Their multi-disciplinary, research-led practice encompasses video, VR and performance. They are currently a participant of the Berlin Program for Artists (BPA), and a research fellow at the Berliner Förderprogramm Künstlerische Forschung 2020-2021. They are also a guest professor on the MFA programme at Zurich’s University of the Arts for the winter and spring semesters. In preparation for their presentation as part of the BPA at Gropius Studios, they have been leading workshops as research for an ongoing virtual reality and performance project: Hyperbodies in Hyperspace. To see more of Doireann’s work, visit the website



Outline of the award

From a dedicated studio installed at FSAS with the infrastructure, hardware and software, FSAS will engage with the awarded artist remotely and virtually for a three-month period. This award has the potential to connect an artist with a range of expertise and opportunity that will long outlive the immediate value. This immediate value and opportunity is envisaged as:

-      Access to Facebook and FSAS resources and expertise including industry standard hardwareand software and sessions with engineers/technical producers, facilities managers and curators.

-      A fee of €6000 reflecting expected dedication of time to the development of work at a very high level maximising the impact of the award on the artists practice

-      Scheduled support from international contacts, experts and innovators relevant to the project in development

        -      professional tool kit (see list below)

During and/or at the conclusion of the residency and as part of the award; an event or display, such as an artist talk or workshop, will take place. Parameters to be decided with the awarded artist. 


Tool Kit Provided:

The tool kit is a physical package/suite of required hardware, software, and components to install into the awardees current working space. These will include:

  • A mac/pc dual booted desktop with 4K display
  • AV/VR/3D and image-based editing software
  • A webcam
  • A green screen
  • Microphone
  • Audio interface and headphone
  • A VR Oculus headset
  • Bluetooth keyboard & mouse
  • Black Magic Design ATEM mini pro
  • A range of cabling supplied
  • Facebook PORTAL