Past Projects

Tidings - from here to there

Christine Mackey combined the Fire Station Artist in the community studio award 2005/6 with a Per Cent for art commission she was awarded by Dublin City Council to complete a site specific project for the Ballybough area in Dublin 1.

Tidings – from here to there, presented as an open invitation to the residents from Ballybough, who had moved into their new homes. This work explored the impact of re-location on their lives and families, in a dynamic and positive way for the community. The methodology behind the work was simple – conversation, where anything could happen and without which there would be no work. The residents home became the meeting place, a privileged position for the artist to work from, but central to the process. Pertinent thoughts, drawn from each of the residents, formed the textual arrangement for this book.

In exchange, the participant(s) was offered a tiding, realized in a variety of forms and activities, amongst which included a poem written for a family, trips to galleries and the theatre, garden work and small works on paper and canvas.

Tidings – from here to there, positioned people on an intimate scale of social practice rendered as both a valuable experience for the artist and participant(s) and gives a new meaning to the importance of calling a place - home.