Past Programmes - 2007

Casting found objects in glass - a collage approach

  • Gerhard Ribka
  • 28 May – 1 June 2007
  • €300
  • 12 places.

This class will be about the playful combination of found objects with handmade sculpture in glass. The technical process of lost-wax kiln-casting will be shown and demonstrated, including the making of a silicon negative from found objects, a wax model and a refractory mould. Aesthetic and formal concerns will be discussed, alongside the presentation of example works of historic and contemporary cast glass. We will all work on our own ideas and cast a small object in glass.

Gerhard Ribka (born 1955 in Germany) studied under Keith Cummings and Eduardo Paolozzi at the Royal College of Art in London. He exhibits internationally and his work is represented in private and public collections world-wide. Recent exhibitions include solo shows at Braggiotti Gallery, Amsterdam and Clara Scremini Gallery, Paris. He showed work in “Particle Theories: International Pâte de Verre and Other Cast Glass Granulations” at the Museum of American Glass at Wheaton Village, USA and most recently at Co[]ect 2007 at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. Gerhard Ribka is Head of the Glass Department at the State College of Glass and Jewellery in Neugablonz, Germany and has taught courses and workshops in Europe, the United States and Japan, amongst these at Pilchuck Glass School, USA, and many times at Bild-Werk Frauenau in Germany.

More Sound Paths - Practical and aesthetic approaches to the integration of sound in art

  • Jurgen Simpson
  • 24th – 25th August
  • €150
  • 10 places. Lunch included.

An insight into the development and practice of sound in art, this two-day workshop introduces both the aesthetic and practical concerns of this field. It presents the technologies, both computer and noncomputer, which have become synonymous with this area and contextualizes these approaches through example works spanning the past 50 years.

Jürgen Simpson is a composer, performer and educator, whose output includes electroacoustic works, music for film, dance, two operas, and three albums with The Jimmy Cake. Collaborators include Michael Nyman, Kevin Volans, Raymond Deane, Judith Ring, John Scott, Shobana Jeyasingh, Davey Spillane, Andrew Legge and Clare Langan. His opera Thwaite received the 2003 Genesis Opera Projects top prize. He is the postgraduate course director at the Centre for Computational Musicology and Computer Music at the University of Limerick.

Interfuse Performance Art Workshop

  • Alastair Mac Lennan & Brian Connolly
  • 1 & 2 September
  • €150
  • 10 places. Lunch included.

Alastair Mac Lennan & Brian Connolly, both International Performance Artists, will provide a two day Performance Workshop which will deal with diverse ways & means of creating and delivering performance for public presentation, bearing in mind form/content interrelations and specifics of context. Participants will experience and address aspects of the unexpected and work with physical and psychological times/spaces/places. They will meet diverse challenges re concepts of 'self' & 'other' and sharing of own/group performance outcomes. The workshop will generate physical, visually based performance in 'real' time and place, which will be grounded in actuality and embrace the experience of the 'now' moment.

Participants are asked to bring some materials or objects of their own choice, and with clothing and footwear that is both casual & comfortable.

Alastair Mac Lennan

Alastair has lived and worked in Belfast since 1975. He is a key figure in the history of Performance Art Nationally & Internationally. He has worked as an individual performer and as part of Black Market International across Europe, America, and Asia.

In recent years he has presented performances in Trace Gallery - Cardiff, the National Review of Live Art - Glasgow, Le Lie - Quebec, Bone International Performance Festival - Bern, St. George & Timeshare Romania, and through NIPAF in Japan,. He has also represented Ireland at the Venice Biennale in 1997.

He remains a committed Artist initiator, evolving and assisting artist networks locally, nationally, and internationally. He is currently a Research Professor of Fine Art at the University of Ulster, Belfast and an honorary Fellow at Dartington College of arts, Devon and an honorary Associate of the National Review of Live Art, Glasgow. He is also a former member of A.R.E., and founding member of Beyond, in Belfast, as well as other art organisations in Ireland.

Brian Connolly

Brian is a multi-media artist whose works often relate to 'place' or context. He employs a wide range of artistic processes, including: Installation, Performance, Public Sculpture, and collaborative projects.

He has exhibited/performed in diverse contexts throughout Europe, Canada & Mexico since 1986. His performance works often respond to context/situation and vary in content and complexity depending on context.

He is currently an Associate Lecturer in Sculpture at the University of Ulster at Belfast, and the Visual Artist's Ireland - Representative for Northern Ireland. He is a founding member and chairman of Bbeyond and has initiated artist led projects in Ireland, Berlin, and Poland.

Introduction to Adobe Illustrator and Graphics Tablets

  • Ciarán O'Kelly

Introduction to Photoshop; Intermediate Photoshop

  • Alan Phelan

Introduction to Sound Design using Pro Tools

  • Fionnaigh McCann