Past Programmes - 2009

Desperate Optimists UK - Performing The Scene

  • Joe Lawlor
  • 23 & 24 May
  • €100
  • 10 places. Lunch included.

Joe will lead a 2-day master class exploring ideas and practical questions relating to cinema, in specific the construction of cinematic works. During the two days the participants will collaborate towards creating a short film.  The film would be comprised of photographs (as in Chris Markers’ Le Jete).  This photo roman technique also relies heavily on text. The work can be fiction or something documentary. Experience of making films is not required but a keen interest in cinema and a desire to explore the relationship that cinema may have to the participants own practice (photography, video, installation, painting etc) is an essential requisite.  Working with stills photography, location, writing and performance will underpin the practical explorations over the two days.

If you can bring a digital stills camera (not video) and a laptop it would be an advantage.  There will be some email correspondence in advance of the class regarding pre-viewing films as a starting point.


Over the past 5 years, Joe Lawlor has been working (with partner Christine Molloy) on a project called Civic Life, involving local community groups in the production of nine high-quality short films for the cinema, shot on 35mm cinemascope making extensive use of the long take. The films can be likened to an intricate narrative painting, revealed to the viewer piece by piece. In 2004, their film 'Who Killed Brown Owl' won the award for Best British Short Film at the Edinburgh International Film Festival.  In January 2008 their 9th and latest short film JOY won the PRIX UIP at the Rotterdam International Film Festival.  HELEN, their debut feature film is the culmination of the Civic Life series. – Helen has screened throughout the world and in addition to being nominated for many awards will also be released in May in the UK and Ireland.

Suzanne Lacy USA - Making Social: Tropes & Transformations

  • Suzanne Lacey
  • 9, 10, 11 June
  • €150
  • 12 places. Lunch included.

During a three day master class Suzanne will explore strategies in social practices through art, featuring a critique of existing artists projects, skills building with respect to collectively derived topics and field exercises in surrounding communities. This class is for intermediate or advanced artist-practitioners in social and community art, with particular emphasis on transient and conceptual forms.
As numbers are limited please supply a CV with a letter of interest along with full payment.


Lacy is an artist and writer whose work includes large-scale public performances and installations, photographs and text on issues of social justice and equity. A proponent of audience engagement and artists' roles in shaping public agendas, Lacy’s early practice foreshadowed many themes in current debates on relational, analytical, and community based practices.  She is Chair of the Master’s in Fine Arts: Public Practices at Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles.

Mary B. White USA - Creating with recycled glass, working towards art sustainability

  • Mary B. White
  • 21st-27th September
  • €250
  • 12 places.

During this intensive five-day class Mary will demonstrate her beliefs to link art making with environmental issues; addressing issues of water resources, renewable energy, urban habitats for wild birds and affordable housing. Her work demonstrates the power of regeneration, transformation and reuse, using salvage materials in her work for instance many varieties of recycled glass, and found metal parts.  Her current work includes solar power, glass flood level markers, and watershed maps. Students will have time to explore the many ways to transform broken windows, smashed tempered glass, old bottles, and other discarded glass into sculptural, decorative and architectural forms.  Using slumping, fusing, casting, and glass cold working techniques, students will be asked to focus on concepts and ideas in their work, as well as learn new glass skills.  No previous glass working experience is required. The pieces will be cold-worked in partnership with the Ceramics, Glass and Metals Department NCAD.


Mary Bayard White is co-head of the Crucible Art Center Glass Department in Oakland, California.  She has a MFA in Glass and Painting from California College of the Arts, in Oakland, Ca.  From 1985-2005, she was head of the Glass Program in the School of Art and Design at San Jose State University.  She also taught in the Creative Arts Department and Service Learning at San Jose State University. She served as a board member/site coordinator for the Glass Art Society, organised the California Glass Exchange in San Jose and currently serves on the board of the Women Environmental Art Directory.  She has taught workshops at over fifteen institutions including the Corning Museum in June 2009 and exhibits internationally.

Malachi Farrell FR - The dichotomy of making work in an urban setting

  • Malachi Farrell
  • 26th September
  • €30
  • 12 places. Lunch included.

As an artist who uses sound, movement, light and computer robotics of an industrial nature alongside a narrative theme ranging from pollution to social and political questions, Malachi Farrell will exchange his philosophies and talk about the dichotomy of making work in an urban setting with a rural mind frame during this one day class. This will encompass a detailed presentation of both the artist’s work and that to which it relates “the idea that; as more urban areas grow more, the more rural areas go.”  Farrell’s work is a reflection of a modern society where humans are, to him, like objects. Known for his kinetic installations of infernal machines and robot figures, Farrell creates performing sculptures: tanks that attack space, Christmas trees that spin and smoke, singing and dancing potatoes, and Nike-shod robots resisting arrest.

The day shall be punctuated by discussion and topics extending from the class to which participants are requested to actively contribute.


Dubiln born Malachi Farrel lives and works in Paris. He attended The Rijskakademie, Amsterdam, Holland 94- 95, The Institut Supérieur des Hautes Etudes, Paris France 93, and in 1987-1992 Ecole Régionale des Beaux-Arts, Rouen, France. His solo exhibitions include The Centre Regional d’Art Contemporain – Tours, France 2007, Thrust Projects, New York City, NY 2005, Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, The Hague 2003- ‘04, Galerie Xippas - Paris since 2000, Sprengel Museum Hannover, Germany 2003, Espace d'arts contemporains, Geneva 1999,The San Francisco Art Institute ’99, group shows include Bass Museum of Art -Miami, Florida, Museum Tinguely- Basel, - Centre Pompidou - Musée National d´Art Moderne, Paris, Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec. In 2009 he shows at Albi ,Centre Regional d’Art Contemporain, France. 177

Susan MacWilliam - Materialising Worlds – Make, Place and Splice

  • Susan MacWilliam
  • 10th and 11th October 2009 (Sat/Sun)
  • €100
  • 10 places.

The two day Master class will involve discussion by Susan about her work, research and processes and will include an opportunity to view a number of her video works. Through discussion, projects and group brainstorming sessions participants will explore methods of researching and means of developing ideas, form and structures of work. Participants will be asked to bring materials relating to their own interests which may be used over the weekend. Additional details will be given in advance.

Susan MacWilliam’s solo show ‘Remote Viewing’ will be exhibited as Northern Ireland’s presentation at the 2009 Venice Biennale. Susan’s video and installation practice explores perceptual phenomena, the world of the paranormal and the tradition of psychical research. She has made work about materialisation mediums, table tilters, eyeless sight and dermo-optical perception. Through participation in experiments, detailed exploration of archives and interviews with leading researchers and families of the subjects, MacWilliam has developed an expansive body of work that mediates between the worlds of art and psychical research. Working with the New York Parapsychology Foundation and family of the Irish medium Eileen Garrett, Susan has made a series of works based around the enigmatic and charismatic Garrett. Developed for the Venice Biennale F-L-A-M-M-A-R-I-O-N, 2009, draws from the T. Glen Hamilton Spirit Photograph Archive in Winnipeg and features Belfast poet and writer Ciaran Carson and Atlanta based poltergeist investigator Dr William G. Roll. Susan has exhibited in Ireland and internationally for over 15 years, including solo shows in New York and London in 2008. She is based in Belfast and is a Lecturer in Fine Art at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin.

Adobe Photoshop: Creating Fine Art Prints; Adobe InDesign: Creating an Artist’s Publication

  • Hugh McElveen

Adobe Dreamweaver: Portfolio Web Design; Adobe Illustrator: Introduction to Digital Drawing

  • Ciarán O'Kelly

Introduction to Final Cut Pro

  • Amy Walsh