Digital Workshops


  • Seán Forsyth
  • September 18th, 25th/ Oct 2nd, 9th , 16th
  • 6pm – 9pm
  • €150
  • 6 participants

The new 'Virtual Sculpting' course will involve the process of creating a 3D model sculpted in virtual reality, where further 3D sculpting and finishing techniques will be continued in Z-Brush 3D software. Virtual Sculpting will take place over a 5 week period, one evening per week, allowing time for the artist to continue their research and development between sessions. The aim of the course is to explore new and emerging workflows for realising & producing 3D objects in digital space. 

About Sean Forsyth

Seán Forsyth has worked in Augmented and Virtual Reality for the creation of a surgical simulator, has sculpted and 3D printed props for Game of Thrones and has worked as a 3D modeller, texture artist, fur groomer, Technical Director, CG Supervisor and Art Director in the animation industry for over 14 years.


  • Should have 3D modelling experience

  • Access to a mac or pc with a three scroll mouse 

  • Fire Station can provide a limited amount of macs and pc's (first come first serve)

  • To have good computer literacy

  • A graphics tablet will be provided for participants

  • Oculus rift head sets will be shared amongst participants


This course is for practising visual artists.

Course content/ session content:

Session 1: Virtual sculpting in VR with Oculus Rift headsets

Session 2: Intro to Z-Brush interface and basic tools

Session 3: Basic tools for sculpting, and importing your VR sculpture

Session 4: Finishing techniques on your sculpture

Session 5: Finish 3D rendering for viewing 


This course takes place over 5 weeks, on Wednesday evenings, one session per week, 6pm – 9pm.

Date: September 18th, 25th/ Oct 2nd, 9th , 16th 

For Booking and information, please email:

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