Aideen Broccardo


Aideen Broccardo is a visual artist working primarily with sculptural and lens- based methods to explore the increasing absence of the natural world found in anthropocentric thinking. My work discusses the processes of life, decay and loss in response to this absence that is evident in language. This practice is concerned with exploring how language impacts the perceived animacy of nature. Through my work I attempt to reconsider the value of language which relates to the natural world that is being lost, whilst making representations of nature’s innate beauty.

‘Grammar of loss’ has been informed by my becoming aware of the removal of terms that relate to the natural world from contemporary dictionaries. This installation quietly contests this identifiable anthropocentrism. My practice is driven by the idea that by replicating and replacing objects their value and presence as essential beings becomes apparent, requiring attention and importance. Working primarily through the mediums of porcelain and clay sculptures, this body of work is concerned with capturing this loss that is evident in language and renewing its value as tangible things which occupy artistic space.

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