Aoife Ní Dhuinn


Aoife Ní Dhuinn is a Dublin based visual artist, interested in culture, words and existential feelings. Her work explores the boundaries between digital and physical spaces through recontextualising digital ephemera. Ní Dhuinn’s expanded practice clinically examines the absurd relationships we have with technology through a satirical lens manifested as manipulated images, artefact-like objects and moving image.

Ní Dhuinn’s work is concerned with her immediate surroundings, and is always very aware of its Irishness in a global context. Taking inspiration from the people and places, Ní Dhuinn’s work aims to speak from a particular Irish perspective. Ní Dhuinn also makes up one half of a collaborative practice with artist Falon Weaver which documents collective exchanges through installation, public interventions and publications.

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