Blaine O’Donnell

2024 - 2025

Blaine O'Donnell, Installation view, hinder / further, The Complex, Dublin, 2022. Photograph by Kate Bowe O'Brien

Blaine O’Donnell is an artist working primarily in sculpture. Taking an experimental approach to the materials and debris of photography, architecture and geology, he investigates the art object as a starting point for tracing networks of relationships between objects, humans and places. In a time of increasing dematerialisation and alienation from natural rhythms and shared ecosystems, O’Donnell explores artistic practice as a method of engendering moments of connection and affinity, revelation and wonder.

Recent exhibitions include hinder/further, The Complex, Dublin (2022) and Things To Do With Photographs, Gallery Augusta, Helsinki (2023). Recent awards include Visual Arts Bursary Award, Arts Council of Ireland (2021, 2022) and Temple Bar Gallery & Studios/HIAP International Residency Exchange (2023).

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