Fiona Harrington


Fiona Harrington is a visual artist who works through handmade lace and found objects. She explores themes relating to domesticity, the passing of time, cultural expectation, memory and loss. Through a process of deconstructing, reconstructing and re-imagining domestic objects and artefacts, she attempts to create dialogue around things that have been left unsaid, hidden, silenced or ignored. She is particularly interested in the role of women and the undervalued and unrecognised workload that they have undertaken both inside and outside of the home.

Recent exhibitions include The Olivier Cornet Gallery, RHA Annual Open, Cairde Visual Arts Festival, Visual Centre for Contemporary Art and the National Gallery of Ireland. She has been the recipient of the Thomas Damann Bursary, RDS Graduate Prize, National Craft Award, Traditional Lacemakers Award, Percent for Art Commission and the Branchardiere Bursary.

Title: And forever shall be, broken ceramic place, handmade lace, household filler, 21 cm.

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