Isadora Epstein


“The Digital Media Award gave me the opportunity and taught me the skills to work in video which was an entirely new medium for me. Through the tutorial sessions and getting access to equipment at Fire Station, I was able to make work that opened up a whole new realm of my arts practice.” – Isadora Epstein – Practice Awardee 2021

Isadora Epstein writes and makes performances from her research of art history and mythology. Her work brings together a multidisciplinary ensemble of artists working in visual art, experimental music, and dance. The activities of her practice include three distinct processes: archival research, script writing, and collaborative rehearsals. Her performances are joyful acts of remembrance which offer up the ridiculous fantasy of immortality through the making of temporary fictional worlds.

Living and working in Dublin, Epstein has had performances at Temple Bar Gallery & Studios, RHA, Sirius Art centre, Royal Irish Academy, Ormston House and KuVa Exhibition Lab, Helsinki, and at TULCA. Epstein co-created and performed two award winning shows for the Dublin Fringe Festival Flemish Proverbs, 2015 and Very Rich Hours, 2016. In 2019 she was awarded the Art Councils inaugural Constance de Markievicz Award. Epstein is currently developing a new audio project for the National Gallery, and she is a recent recipient of the 2021 Fire Station Artists Studio Digital Media Award.

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