Suzanne Walsh

2017 - 2019

Suzanne Walsh is a trans-disciplinary artist who works mainly with text, performance and audio/music. She writes essays, poetry and art-writing and is an editor for Critical Bastards art publication. She often collaborates with other artists and film-makers. Her work often explores the animal/human divide, ecologies and language. She has recently shown work in galleries including IMMA, The LAB Gallery, and Eight Gallery and is published in Gorse literary journal and Circa magazine amongst other publications. She has also performed at events such as the International Literature Festival, Mountains to Sea Book Festival and Electric Picnic music festival.


Lazarus Lingua, text/audio performance as part of Infra exhibition, Basic Space, Gallery Eight,  2016. Photo by Lee Welch.

Listen Hissen Hessien, audio performance in Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, 2016. Photo by Louis Haugh

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