A Zoom of One’s Own


A Zoom of One's Own

Limited edition T-shirt made by FSAS in collaboration with Language using artwork ‘overzoomed Stone’ by Laura Fitzgerald.

On 14 October 2021 FSAS presented A Zoom of One’s Own to open up exchanges with other communities and institutions in our neighbourhood (Swan Youth Service, Five Lamps festival, the NSFN). Participants submitted short videos in response to the invitation: ‘Given that we have spent the past eight months seeing and working with each other digitally, this is an invitation to make a 5-minute video on your mobile phone/laptop or iPad. The aim is to show us who you are and what you do in your working life, beyond the zoom! We want to meet up in person and share our experiences of local community life, as it operates in self-isolation.’ The videos were screened during a collaborative online event. Participants were Laura Fitzgerald, Ann Maria Healy, Jennie Guy, Melvin Jumungall, Nadia J. Armstrong, Maria Maarbjerg, Marcela Parducci, Roisin Lonergan, Helen Carey, Aaron Connolly and Stanisław Welbel.

The event was marked by a limited edition T-shirt with gifted artwork from FSAS artist Laura Fitzgerald. It also supported local D1 businesses, using vouchers as prizes for participating artists.

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