Announcing Create & FSAS Residency Award 2023

31 May, 2023

Photograph of the photograph taken by Veronica Campelo, Nos/Otras Project. Silvina Sisterna

Fire Station Artists’ Studios and Create are delighted to announce Silvina Sisterna as the recipient of the 2023 Artist Residency Award.

Silvina is a visual artist whose work focuses on representation of migrant experiences through photography. Silvina intends to use the residency to develop her socially engaged practice, reflecting on the themes and discussions in her work to date and connecting with other artists working on similar projects.

This residency offers capacity building and artistic practice development. It operates as an experimental incubator, providing opportunity for the awarded artist to explore and develop their collaborative /socially engaged practice via discussion, networking, learning/unlearning and research to generate new ideas and perspectives.

Silvina says “I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to develop my socially engaged photography through the Artist Residency Award. The collaborative aspect of this residency, along with the chance to connect with Dublin’s art scene and have the time and space to reflect, will be crucial for my artistic development. I am eager to work with like-minded artists and engage with the community in Dublin”.

The residency is funded through the Arts Council of Ireland’s Artist in the Community Scheme managed by Create, and Fire Station Artists’ Studios funded through the Visual Arts Department of the Arts Council of Ireland. The award is delivered through a Create and Fire Station Artists’ Studios partnership.

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