Announcing FSAS Day Studios 2023

18 May, 2023

We are delighted to announce the selected artists for the 2023 Day Studios: Vagabond Reviews and Augustine O’Donoghue.

Available for a period of 1 year, the Day Studio spaces are for visual artists who have projects to complete and are working to deadlines, offering artists a chance to have a city centre presence in a clean, warm and dry environment, and to be part of the dynamic FSAS environment.

Vagabond Reviews

Vagabond Reviews is an interdisciplinary, socially engaged art and research platform co -founded by artists Dr. Ciaran Smyth and Dr. Ailbhe Murphy. Projects include Fatima – A Cultural Archaeology, NCAD, 2010, ((In)Visible Labour Factorium, Legacy Project, 2014, Scientia Civitatis: Missing Titles, Hugh Lane Gallery, 2015 and Temporary Institute One: The Bio-Archives, Workhouse Union, 2015. From 2015 to 2022 Ailbhe was the Director of Create the national development agency for collaborative art practice. Since 2016 Ciaran continued the work of Vagabond Reviews, developing new projects including Red Wheelbarrow Productions, a performative collective examining questions of governance and control in the neoliberal age. Emergency Knowledge: An Archive of Spectral Epistemologies is a new Vagabond Reviews project. Initiated by Ciaran in 2021, Emergency Knowledge is articulated on the intersections of political theory, investigative aesthetics, photography and installation.

Image credit: Emergency Knowledge: An Archive of Spectral Epistemologies. Research & Development Phase, 2022. Photo: Vagabond Reviews

Augustine O’Donoghue
Augustine O’Donoghue is a socially engaged artist. Her work engages with a range of local and global socio-political issues. O’Donoghue’s work has been widely presented in exhibitions throughout Ireland – in venues such as the Butler Gallery, Limerick City Gallery of Art, Project Arts Centre and Crawford Art Gallery – and internationally, in countries as diverse as China, Brazil, Algeria, Canada, USA, France and the UK. To date, she has been commissioned to create public artworks for The Department of Education and Skills, Kerry County Council, University College Cork and Aberystwyth University, Wales. She was Artist-in-Residence in the College of Engineering and Architecture at University College Dublin (2020) and was recently appointed as Artist-in-Residence in Maynooth University Social Science Institute.

Image credit: Urban Gull Uprising 2022

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