Event: Incognito Archive Workshop with Tanad Aaron

17 January, 2024

Tanad Aaron, Incognito Archive, 2023. FSAS Commission

2020-2023 FSAS Resident Artist Tanad Aaron presents an introduction to Incognito Archive, his semi-permanent project commissioned by Fire Station Artist Studios in 2023. The project revolves around the various production processes involved in making a cup, sofa cushion, outdoor bench and FSAS’s distinct position as a dual function live/work space.

When: Wednesday 24 January, 4.00-5.30pm
Where: FSAS Project Space
Booking: Email to reserve your place. The workshop is free but booking is essential. Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

About Incognito Archive:
“Rather than making the space ‘better’ or different; instead provide ways in which the space can be improved by someone else. If that person has the feeling that they’ve contributed to the space being better then that is the desired difference. The bench is intended to be an entry point into the project; its plans can be used to make a second or a third. The mould for the cup allows somebody to easily make a cup for themselves, the value placed on a replica cup increased by the repeated production process. The pillow case can work as a tool for self care and an aesthetic & entirely private object can be designed and produced by someone else.

By producing these three things a space for their dissemination and re-use in the future is created. Perhaps in a decade there will be no more need for IKEA cups and cushions because the culture around FSAS will be ‘why don’t we produce it?’”

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