FSAS Artist Commission: Incognito Archive by Tanad Aaron

17 May, 2023

We are delighted present Tanad Aaron’s FSAS commission – Incognito Archive.

This project started with a conversation with Tanad about how to make the courtyard a more friendly place and grow a community feeling among its multiple users, taking into account sustainability into the work produced. Tanad therefore developed Incognito Archive, a series of objects with an attempted inbuilt future interrelation.

About this work, Tanad says:

After being asked to suggest something for the courtyard, I began to think through how the space is used. Although I have been living here for two years, I rarely meet with people and often only see them in the workspace, corridor or front door.

Finding an entry point into the ambiguity in FSAS’ public/semi-public and work/domestic space would seem to me to be a meeting place – for residents and visitors alike. I therefore made two benches, symbols for a kind of quiet solidarity and an invitation to join or accompany someone, as well as a ceramic cup and a pillow case.

By producing these three objects, I am thinking through their dissemination and re-use in the future. I will leave an instruction note for the benches, to repair them or make new ones for future FSAS residents and users; a mould for the cup, so that everyone in FSAS can make their own; and a pattern for the cushions, as well as a sewing machine, to invite artists to make your own cushions. Perhaps in a decade there will be no more need for IKEA cups and cushions because the culture around FSAS will be ‘why don’t we produce it?’

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