New Course: 3D Objects – From Scan to Print

15 January, 2024

FSAS presents a new introductory course on 3D technologies, participants will acquire practical knowledge on the techniques and processes of 3D scanning, 3D modelling and slicing, and 3D printing, creating and modifying their own objects with dedicated software.

The outcome of this course is to provide visual artists working with sculpture and digital technology with an overview of the workflow, software, and technical requirements for scanning and printing 3D models.

Tutor: Tadhg Charles
Date: Two full days, Saturday, February 10th & 24th
Participants: 8 max
Level: beginners
Cost: €150

Areas covered:
Digitizing objects: photogrammetry and 3D scanning
Loading the work: mesh control software
Processing the files: digital modelling software
Preparing digital assets: 3D slicing software
Ensuring files are suitable for printing
Exporting digital models
3D printing
Software: MeshLab, Blender, Cura (full list and details will be provided)

• To be computer literate and reasonably comfortable with the digital 3D environment.
• To use your own PC or Mac computer system where possible (FSAS has a limited amount of Mac/PC desktop computers and these can be made available on a first come, first served basis).
• To bring an object to scan that is larger than 10cm, solid, opaque, and with simple geometric lines (intricate organic textures, glossy or transparent surfaces, and thin or perforated walls will not be suitable)
• To install the necessary software in advance of the course (all details will be provided)

About the Tutor:
Tadhg Charles is a visual professional and educator with a background in architecture and computation. His recent work examines the hybridisation of digital tools for the purposes of accessibility and representation. As a tutor, he has facilitated courses on hybrid fabrication and emergent technology in institutions across Europe, designing and implementing workflows that allow for the easy realisation and transference of content between the physical and digital realms while assisting visual artists to achieve their project goals.

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