Practice Awards

The FSAS Practice Awards provide access to space, equipment, technical support, significant profile, curatorial advice, communal activities, international curator talks, a vibrant skills programme, and a monthly stipend. Applications for this Award are invited on an annual basis through an Open Call. Register for our newsletter here

Each participating artist is profiled in the critical text FILE NOTE produced by a prominent writer.

The primary focus of the Sculpture Practice Awards is for artists to develop and refine their practice, experiment with new materials and/or have access to the facilities of the sculpture workshop. An awareness of our facilities, resources and artistic programme is helpful when making an application.

This award offers:

  • scheduled access to a bay in the sculpture workshop for up to three months.
  • A stipend of €600
  • A written feature in our annual FILE NOTE publication
  • Support from the Workshop Manager, alongside our curatorial and administrative team.

See our full list of our sculpture workshop equipment

Please see Apply for details on how and when to apply for the Award

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