Sculpture workspaces

FSAS offer a total of 14 workspaces between our large-scale workshop and our Engine Rooms.

Our workspaces are available for hire by practising artists across the Republic of Ireland. They can be booked for periods of 1-12 weeks at a cost of €65/week. Artists hiring our workspaces can access our production equipment (kilns involve additional costs).

Sculpture Workshop:

Our large-scale sculpture workshop is a 300sq.m. open space with a 5sq.m. entrance.

It is subdivided into seven separate work-bays with rolling walls. Each bay is approximately 5m x 3m.

The workshop is particularly suited to large-scale work, dusty work or work that requires ventilation.

The workshop also contains the metal working area (see Kilns & Equipment)

Engine rooms:

We have seven separate workspaces between our two engine rooms. The bays are approximately 4 x 4m.

These workspaces are suitable for smaller-scale or more delicate work and include fixed extractors and wall heaters.

To book, Please fill in this form or contact our Workshop Manager.

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